On the road — Division of Maranoa

I have visited the Division of Maranoa. This is a huge electorate, encompassing 40% of the State of Queensland. It also holds the largest remaining Koala population in Australia, estimated at 4,000 – 10,000 Koalas. Sadly, even out in the West, Koalas are in trouble. AKF-funded research shows a decline in Koala numbers of 80% from 1996 – 2009. Climate change and drought are pushing Koalas to the creeks and drainage lines, and to the coast. Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott is retiring at the next election, after holding the seat since 1990. He has watched as Koala numbers have plummeted. Will his successor support the KPA, and protect the Koalas of Maranoa?

Wild dogs are also a key issue in Maranoa (and everywhere else – in Pine Rivers, north of Brisbane, wild dogs are suspected of killing 31% of the Koala population in a little less than three years); the eradication of all feral animals in this region is imperative, not only for Koalas, but for all native wildlife.

Maranoa is targeted for Coal Seam Gas development, meaning less trees, and more tracks for wild dogs to roam around on. This population has a future if our governments get proactive about reducing these threats, but look at how much habitat is already gone… https://www.savethekoala.com/our-work/maranoa

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