Matilda’s Mission

Matilda is a celebrity candidate in the
upcoming Federal election.
She wants you to Vote 1 for her.

Matilda's Campaign Float

  • Matilda is dedicated to the protection of the wild Koala and its habitat.
  • Matilda wants a Koala Protection Act to be passed by the elected Prime Minister.
  • Read the letter written by her Campaign Director to the four current leaders of the political parties here.
  • Matilda recognises and promotes the value of the Koala and Australia’s unique fauna and flora as a tourist icon and generator of tourist revenue.
  • Matilda knows that the Koala alone contributes $3 billion to the Australian economy and 30,000 jobs per year.
  • Matilda is concerned about unsustainable logging.
  • Matilda is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Australia’s unique ecology, fauna and flora.
  • Matilda needs your support. Make your vote count this election day.

Protect the wild Koala and its habitat