Meet Matilda

Matilda is a celebrity candidate in the
upcoming Federal election.

Meet Matilda

Meet Matilda

Matilda is very concerned about the environment and is seeking support for a Koala Protection Act.

She has decided to make an eastern seaboard road journey prior to the 2016 Federal election and will be on the campaign trail from 6 June 2016.

She has a very close friend Urban the Koala, head of the Koala Army.

Her mother called her Lulu after a famous Koala called Lulu who was born at Koala Beach, the first sustainable housing development in Australia. She has taken on the stage name Matilda to embody the Australian spirit.

She decided to take the unprecedented step of going into public life after much consultation with many people both in Australia and overseas. She knows it will change her life forever!

Prior to this decision Matilda had been living happily in a paddock but over recent times the threats to her wellbeing and livelihood have become of great concern to her, her friends and the community.

Matilda hopes to make a significant contribution to democracy in Australia.

Urban the Koala

Matilda’s good friend Urban – head of the Koala Army

Matilda has many friends, both in the human and animal kingdoms. She is not married, has no children and some might say she has an “empty fruit bowl” on the kitchen bench and that a single woman has nothing to contribute to the political debate. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Matilda has seen much in her short years. She is a strong female and will be an inspiration to those that meet her on the road. She will speak the truth about what she thinks is wrong with Australia today and her main mission; a Koala Protection Act.

She prefers to keep her age secret, but the young can sometimes be very wise. Maintaining and enhancing the Australian way of life is what drove Matilda to speak openly in the public arena and her goal is for a more sustainable and fair future for all citizens and animals alike.

Matilda has never wanted for material goods and believes that sustainability can be both economically viable as well as environmentally viable.

On the road she intends to listen and learn from the Australian community about how they want to see Australia and their hopes for their children’s future.

Matilda loves children and they love her.

In the next election she is confident that others will follow her lead. Our current leaders are living in the past and cannot see that the world is changing. Forcing Australians into a double dissolution after voters have clearly spoken has cause great unrest and Matilda wants to help the people realise how important they are when they walk into the ballot box on election day.

Matilda at Home

Matilda keeping on eye on things at her home in Brisbane

Matilda lives with her family in a rural setting in Brisbane and is determined to see Australia grow and flourish in a new environmentally friendly way.

She is a great supporter of renewal energy. She believes that clean water, fresh air and fresh food makes for a sustainable world. Matilda is confident that industry does not have this as their core belief. She is confident that industry will have to be forced into a new way of doing business, so that jobs are secure, not boom and bust.

She is confident that with this approach a secure future is possible for our nation.

You can send Matilda a message here.