As I travelled through western New South Wales, I became VERY concerned about the food bowl of Australia, and the Koalas of‪ Gunnedah.  

The Prime Minister’s team has written to AKF five days out from the election, responding to our request for support of the Koala Protection Act. We appreciate the response (we are yet to hear from Greens or Labor), but they seem to have forgotten something.. there’s no mention of the Koala Protection Act in their letter. Read it here., Read More

During my campaign tour, I was particularly keen to visit the town of Dalmeny, in the Division of Eden-Monaro. Dalmeny is the bellwether booth, in the bellwether electorate; Eden-Monaro has voted for the winning side in every election since 1972, and if you want to know how Eden-Monaro will vote, Dalmeny is the place to, Read More

I wanted to honour animals on my trip – so I visited a friend!

I have continued on through the Division of Blair as I heads back to Brisbane. What has happened to Blair’s Koalas? There used to be strong populations here, but logging, urbanisation and dogs have all had a toll. In the Peak Crossing area, logging has impacted on habitat critical to the survival of the Koala,, Read More

I have visited the Division of Maranoa. This is a huge electorate, encompassing 40% of the State of Queensland. It also holds the largest remaining Koala population in Australia, estimated at 4,000 – 10,000 Koalas. Sadly, even out in the West, Koalas are in trouble. AKF-funded research shows a decline in Koala numbers of, Read More

  On my journey I also visited the Wide Bay region. The Division of Wide Bay has potential for Koala recovery, but only if the politicians are serious about protecting the Koala.  Former Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss is retiring at the election. While Mr. Truss has said a great deal about how, Read More

I have visited the Sunshine Coast! Noosa National Park used to house hundreds of Koalas; today it is rumoured there are as few as five left. This is a region where Koalas could still be saved, but we need an honest commitment from our political leaders to see that happen. The Member for Fairfax Clive, Read More

The Moreton Bay Rail Link Project is building a new train line, running from Petrie, in the Division of Dickson, to Kippa-Ring in the Division of Petrie. It also provides a stunning example of how ineffective offsets can be. What is an offset? If a developer wants to knock down a tree, they can, Read More