On the road — Wide Bay


On my journey I also visited the Wide Bay region.

The Division of Wide Bay has potential for Koala recovery, but only if the politicians are serious about protecting the Koala.  Former Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss is retiring at the election. While Mr. Truss has said a great deal about how much he loves Koalas, he did nothing of note during his time in parliament to protect them and certainly did not support the Koala Protection Act. Matilda hopes his successor will be less talk, more action. If none of the candidates are going to support a Koala Protection Act to protect the region’s Koalas, Vote 1 Matilda.

Wide Bay was the scene of many Koala deaths in the days of the fur trade, the Maryborough Chronicle (14th November 1900) noted that “thousands of koalas have been killed in the Wide Bay and Burnett District in a one month period”. We don’t think Koalas ever recovered from this slaughter. savethekoala.com/sites/default/files/Imagine2016FurTrade.pdf

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