4 Comments on “The Donkey Vote for Democracy

  1. Dear Deborah

    I totally agree with the Koala Protection Act. However, encouraging people to throw away their vote with a ‘donkey vote’ is NOT the answer.

    Those who are concerned about the appalling state of our environment are most likely to support the Green vote. To influence those whose every vote MUST COUNT to throw away their democratic right and POWER is to throw away any opportunity we have to protect koalas. Sorry… but this is just SO WRONG in every way.

    • Hi Christine,

      The point of Matilda’s campaign is not to encourage people throw away their votes, but to make sure people are informed, and really understand which candidates are really going to work for Koalas and the environment. We want as many candidates as possible to support the Koala Protection Act, and Matilda is trying to push for public support as she travels down the east coast.

  2. Listening to you on Steve Austin today, you were spot on when you said ALL Australian politicians are taking Australians down a path that most of us don’t want to go… We need serious political change, and as for the Koalas, we have had two in our yard in 4 years… also found one on the road that had been hit by a car. Took it to the vet, but sadly passed away…

    You will definitely have my vote !!

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