June 11: Berrima to Bega

Today Matilda is travelling from Berrima, NSW to Bega, NSW



Key messages/issues for today:

At least 8 million Koala furs left Australia between 1880 and 1928; there are now less than 80,000 left. 400,000 furs came out of the Bega Valley and left from Tarthra wharf. Now there are less than 40 left.

The new Murrah Flora Reserves will help Koalas, and the biodiversity of Southeast NSW, but unless locked up as a National Park, it is not truly safe from forestry. As amply demonstrated by the Bimblebox Nature Reserve in central Queensland. (links 1, 2)

 Matilda is extremely concerned about Manna gum dieback on the Monaro




Which electorates is Matilda visiting today?

Division of Whitlam

AKF estimated Koala population: 200-300

Estimated Koala habitat left: 48.8%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/whitlam


Division of Hume

AKF estimated Koala population: 150-300

Estimated Koala habitat left: 37.2%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/hume


Division of Gilmore

AKF estimated Koala population: 100-200

Estimated Koala habitat left: 88.1%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/gilmore


Division of Eden-Monaro

AKF estimated Koala population: 150-200

Estimated Koala habitat left: 61.6%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/eden-monaro

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