15 June: Narrandera — Parkes

Today Matilda will be travelling from Narrandera, NSW to Parkes, NSW.


Key messages/issues for today

Climate change and global warming is going to have a significant impact in Outback Australia; if we don’t have any trees, we won’t have any rain (links 1, 2).

Matilda believes in sustainable forestry; unfortunately she just hasn’t seen it yet. Matilda is particularly concerned about the impacts of Private Forestry in Outback Australia.


The projected climate of Narrandera in 2050 is projected to be similar to that of Wilcannia and Ivanhoe today. To give this change in climate more perspective Wilcannia and Ivanhoe have 25% or less rainfall averages and are considered to have semi-arid climates


Which electorates is Matilda visiting today?

Division of Farrer

AKF estimated Koala population: 60-100

Estimated Koala habitat left: 22.7%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/farrer


Division of Riverina

AKF estimated Koala population: 50-100

Estimated Koala habitat left: 7.8%

For more information visit www.savethekoala.com/our-work/riverina

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