On the road — Dalmeny NSW

During my campaign tour, I was particularly keen to visit the town of Dalmeny, in the Division of Eden-Monaro. Dalmeny is the bellwether booth, in the bellwether electorate; Eden-Monaro has voted for the winning side in every election since 1972, and if you want to know how Eden-Monaro will vote, Dalmeny is the place to find out.


Eden-Monaro used to be a Koala stronghold. But the fur trade obliterated populations in the area. 400,000 furs came out of the Bega Valley. Numbers have never really recovered; there are now less than 40 Koalas left.


The newly declared Murrah Floral Reserves will help Koalas, and the biodiversity of Southwast New South Wales. But until they are locked up as National Parks, these reserves are not safe from forestry. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Bimblebox Nature Reserve. The Bimblebox was an area recognised for its high conservation values, and was protected by the Howard Government. But as soon as someone wanted to knock it all over to dig up coal, the Government gave the green light.


Voters in the Division of Eden-Monaro will have a real voice in this weekend’s election. The current Member, Peter Hendy, holds the seat on a razor thin margin. If you live in Eden-Monaro, think carefully before you cast your vote:

Does Dr. Hendy speak for you and the people of Eden-Monaro?

Does Dr. Hendy speak for the environment?

Does Dr. Hendy speak for the Koala?

Is there a better candidate out there? If not, then Vote 1 Matilda.


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