Meet my entourage

The only welfare issues I am concerned about are the Koalas that have been torn apart by dogs, starved to death, burnt in fires, squashed by cars and worse still died alone with diseases that could have been prevented.
My team will ensure I am happy and well.

  • Campaign Director – I have chosen her because she loves animals and will make sure that my messages of concern are heard.
  • Motorcycle escort – He will ensure that the road ahead is clear.
  • Driver – Every candidate needs a driver so I can focus on my message.
  • PR/Social Media Manager – Will update my social media twice daily.
  • Independent documentary film crew – My journey and the messages I receive from the Australian public will be broadcast worldwide.
  • Accommodation – I have been invited to several posh houses with lovely stables during the trip. Gym available and 5 star hay at all times.
  • Personal Trainer – I could not have done it without Nikki.
  • Float Builder and fit out – thank you Peter, Lance, Vince and Bill.
  • Koala Lovers – I cannot wait to meet you
  • Koala Army Generals – Operation Jackass could not have been achieved without you all.
  • Koala Army Recruits – keep it up!!!

Roger and out!